Introduction – Welcome to “Word and Void”

This website is dedicated for Web-based discussion forum on all things for the “Word and Void”, Module Extension in support of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, video game sensation that has dominated the gaming industry since 2003. WaV is fully compliant with OBSE v0021b and most major mods released through Nexus and TESA.

What is “Word and Void” or WaV? After a year since the last Oblivion gate closed in Cyrodiil, rumors began to spread throughout the Realm, about an ancient tome that was discovered by a recluse warlock that supposedly, foretold the imminent awakening of a long forgotten Evil that would bring about the end of Tamriel as the people of Cyrodiil knew it. Legends and myths that were told to children as fairy tales were now becoming¬†nightmarish¬†visions seen by the Priests and Sages of Chorrol. Rumors of the a great earthquake far North in the Jerral Mountains, a Comet seen streaking across the sky, and the dead no longer finding peace in the grave. The Hero of Kavtch, the Holy Crusader, was called within a vision quest to investigate the rumors sweeping fear into the hearts and minds of the citizens of Cyrodiil. The secrets laid buried for more than a thousand years since the demise of the Ayleid Empire are waiting to be discovered by a Knight of the Word but a sacrifice in all that has been believed to true may be required to follow a new road to Truth.

KWITS stands for Keith Woodard, Information Technology Solutions, a Limited Liability Corporation founded in 2000 and has been reorganized in 2013 as a small business dedicated to the art of video game development and story telling in support of Bethseda Softwork’s Oblivion.

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